Only War: The Tsadian Campaign

Mission 1 - Fiery Blasphemy

To: Sir Oswin Hallsing
Author: Custodian Cerwent Hallsing
Subject: The embers of combat
Location: Mung Manor, Tilor
Sector: Calixis
Sub-sector: Josian Reach
Thought of the Day: The oldest weapons are the longest tested

Dear Father,

First mission back in the saddle was an interesting one. Upon aggressive breach of the chapel, my squad made quick work of those in charge of it’s defense. I think the final count was 6 guards and 2 mechanical abominations that seemed even more disgusting than that incandescent mess that was attached to my team for this mission. Still, he wasn’t the least agreeable member given the others used to swell our numbers. One mad bastard who coverts rage over duty, and another who doesn’t see the error in setting ablaze to a wooden structure.

Would’ve been a standard cleanup operation, providing the rookie hadn’t burned the damned place with ‘cleansing’ fire. Still, I do not blame him for resorting to his fail safe weapon. I could count my successful shots with this malsighted gun on my balls, if I were a Eunuch. Still, the sword proved useful. Sturdy steel and a fine swing is all it takes; whether now or a thousand years ago, I will trust this weapon above all others. The pain of my arms reminds me of it’s power and efficiency.



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