Only War: The Tsadian Campaign

Techpriest Battlelog 1 - Fiery Blasphemy

Fire, hereteks, and fake gothic furniture

To: Captain-Warden Richolf Woltz
Author: Juron Tacitus, Resident Techpriest of Cleansing Hand Squad 3
Subject: Battlelog-1 of Operation Fiery Blasphemy
Location: Mung Manor, Tilor, Tsade II
Sector: Calixis Sector
Sub-sector: Josian Reach
Thought of the Day: Heretics feel like a warm knife through butter.

Squad 3 of the Cleansing Hand breached the mansion of Belgor Mung and were ordered to clear out the chapel building. Squad 3 decimated a squad of “heretic” guards with flame and blade. Squad 3 then proceeded to melt and maim a pair of heretek servitors in close quarters.

After the combat concluded Squad 3 began to search the inner working of the building and rescuing a chambermaid named “Mary” who handed over a key that would unlock a door further into the complex.

Battlelog End.



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