Only War: The Tsadian Campaign

Operation Fiery Blasphemy

Leading Third Squad

Order Reference:41379-DARK5
To: Captain Warden Richolf Woltz
Author: Ostlund Harvik
Subject:Operation Fiery Blasphemy
Location: Tilor, Chapel
Sector: Calixis
Sub Sector: Josian Reach
Thought of the Day: A sore arm rings of battles ran true.

We hit them hard, the Chimera slammed though the door thoroughly, so much so Custodian Gothicus Kuti(whom was not buckled in based standard I would like to report) slammed his head against the drivers seat and was knocked to unconsciousness. We we reversed quickly and efficiently by our newly appointed driver, and the rear ramp slammed down hard. Choosing to lead by example I was the first off the ramp, firing immediately at the first hostile in my sight winging him past his cover. Our driver using the cover of our combat vehicle fired several shots wide at the same target. The remainder of the squad quickly filed out into cover attempting to overwhelm those guards loosely spread around the chapel. Our recently assigned Psyker(whom I was skeptical of, as I am with those warp touched) turned out to be an outstanding asset to our squad, blowing holes into two enemy guardsmen. Shortly after combat began, Custodian Gothicus Kuti regained consciousness, and I had order him to our right flank to defend our TechPriest. Shortly after the first enemy fell our operator, Caffran Nothacker used his Exterminator to blaze a cone of fire at cowering chapel guard. This was the unfortunate event that lead to the fire that consumed the building.

I would like it to be formerly known I take full responsibility for this event, and that I am willing to take all punishment deemed necessary to be dealt out. The squad continued to advance slowly and surely despite heavy Servitor fire directed at us. This was when a fragmentation grenade went off near Custodian Gothicus Kuti, whom at this point, in a fury charged disobeying the order to defend the TechPriest and slew the man responsible. Speaking of Juron Tacitus, I wish to extend my thanks, and earnest respects to the Adeptus Mechanicus for lending him to our use. Shrugging off several shotgun blasts, and a frag grenade he slew the two flanking guards single handedly. Continuing our advance further, the last organic had fallen and we were left with the servitors, by now the blaze that had started affected us all, eyes stung and noses burnt with the smell of wood preventing accurate shots, the servitors were unaffected. At this point Custodian Cerwent Hallsing, and myself charged to prevent catastrophic damage from these unfeeling machines. After a prolonged melee engagement, the two of us managed to disable the two servitors with our Great Weapons, quite mighty weapons in their own right.

At this point we had been ordered to continue west to attempt to arrest Mung….



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