Tsade II


Planetary Capital: Morenium
Segmentum: Obscurus
Sector: Calixis
System: Tsade
Population: 1.3 Billion
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Agri-World
Tithe Grade: Exactis Particular


History of Tsade II

Tsade II is a relative newcomer to the varied affairs of the Imperium’s worlds in the Calixis Sector. The existence of their history a mere breathe of air in its briefness. Colonists who had been lost in the warp for a number of years had found themselves fortuitously forced upon a fertile, green planet. One that found itself in proximity to the vast Fenksworld, a Hive planet not that far from the green orb.

Rejen Mandred, a fervent member of the Ecclesiarchy had set himself up as the pillar of the community, expunging heretical notions that were found in neighboring landmarks. An aged and forgotten species having once made its home here in the lumbering mountains beyond the lush plains where the people made their home.

Though it was the efforts of Terek Cosano who had organized the people, setting them upon the land in organized lots to till the land. Together, these two families founded the first provisional government of the planet, their lives extended by extensive gene therapy and implants. Under their guiding hand, Tsade would become a successful farming colony. Within generations, production had reached a point that when representatives of Fenksworld approached, they were able to make prosperous trade pacts.

A relative peace had existed on Tsade until the intervention of the Inquisition had been required after rumors of hereteks making their home in the High Machine Temple of Barahest Mountains. Bronze Malifects were found in labyrinths beneath the base of Barahest and had been sealed within. There is rumor of the existence of other xenotech but the Cleansing Hand, a personal security force under House Mandred, has made sure to squelch them appropriately. The history of the founding families has not been found in the records beyond their arrival on Tsade. Any potential inquiries made to the ruling families being met with silence.

There have been baronies established on the planet where ambitious or disgruntled people have taken up against the ruling elite. Ever mindful that the planet is privileged to not be in the forefront of the Imperium’s thought in the Calixis Sector, the ruling families come down upon them with impunity. It is because of their effectiveness in maintaining order that the typical seat of governorship is not required and instead a council communes of the two Great Families.

This has changed, which is unwelcome on Tsade II, with the arrival of a capricious Rogue Trader, Liana Neveratte. She had been to spaces unknown and had cultivated a powerful fleet behind her. Beyond the guess of anyone, she decided to stay on the farming world. Her wealth being utilized to cultivate a merchant class on the planet, where people from other subsectors have come to trade their wares.

Much to the chagrin of the Great Houses, she was permitted to found her own House when they found that dealings with the Rogue Trade brought them further fortune. Though she is bereft of personal armies like the local leaders, she has considerable influence due to her many trade networks that have been connected to Tsade.

What little contact that is maintained to the Imperium is through food tithes, permitting the locals to expand their efforts to excavating precious ores from the nearby mountains. In addition to fishing in the vast seas and lakes.

Despite the insignificance of the world beyond its production capability, there is an extensive presence of the Adeptus Ministorum on the planet. Pilgrims coming to the peaceful world to meditate and learn from the massive Cathedral in the capital of Tsade, Morenium.

There is no information to provide on Tsade I, the neighboring dead world and sister to Tsade II. Inquiries by locals are prohibited and would draw the ire of the Cleansing Hand.


Noble Houses

House Mandred
“Purity by flame.”
House Mandred comes the priesthood that helped ward off the encroaching abominations of the warp while on The Emperor’s Embrace. This was the ship that carried the first inhabitants of Tsade II. Their fervent adherence to the Imperial Creed and their leadership role within the colonist community caused Rejen Mandred to make a choice to retire his priestly duties. Despite this, House Mandred has continued to be a beacon and example of piety within the heart of Tsade.

While their faith has never been questioned, there have been present dangers on the planet in the form of ancient xenotech. Through the cooperation of the Great Families, there was the creation of the Cleansing Hand. Over time their sophistication, training and zealous appreciation of the Ecclesiarchy have allowed them to become judge, jury and executioner.

Much of the family’s fortune comes in the form of prestige, connections with the Adeptus Ministorum and of course claims to prosperous mines located in the mountains. In addition to acquisitions made of assets, property and persons of an accused heretic. This has earned the ire of the less powerful members of society but with no voice to protest it.

House Cosano
“With flesh and hammer.”
Led by Dominus Cosano, an ambitious populist who appeals to the many serfs who work on his vast properties. His house controls the most land and employs more of the lower class than any of the other two major houses on Tsade II. Their contribution towards the Planetary Defense Force has been the most sizable.

Their origin derives from the same ship that the Mandred’s came from. Their service took place as the guardsmen who kept pirates away from the fragile inhabitants. While they did maintain their ties with the Imperial Guard, their disconnect from the administrations after coming out of the warp and landing on their new planet allowed them to begin their own families. The leader of these men being Terek Cosano who was a Colonel in the military and would continue his service on the planet, though would become one of the great nobles who aggressively expanded their presence on Tsade II, purging hostile wildlife in proximity to settlements.

It’s said Terek Cosano personally fought a bull like monstrosity and entrapped it in some manner with the help of Rejen Mandred. The validity of this claim cannot be verified and can be chalked up to native superstition.

House Neveratte
“Stars and coins.”
Led by Rogue Trader Liana Neveratte, a wealthy woman who has decided to now try her hand at planetary politics. House Neveratte has boundless trade contacts as a primary house of merchants. She is also the proprietary owner of the planet’s largest space port which has recently finished construction. Liana’s Gem facilitates the export of produce to Fenksworld and other commodities.

The sudden rise and prominence of this new House has disturbed the aged accordance that has provided a semblance of peace for the Tsadian people. Though the prosperous dealings have caused the lords of the planet to forgive this intrusion, much to the chagrin of Cosano and Mandred.

As of late, there have been conflicting reports that would suggest that mercenaries comprised of abhumans have been seen in the employ of the House, providing guardianship of unknown cargo.

Experienced and talented soldiers who have completed their tenure of duty have been found to clamor for a chance to work for the lucrative enterprise. Fortunately enough there has been no violent play for power by the salacious Rogue Trader.


Tsadian Field Guard Mordian_Iron_Guard_female_trooper_2.jpg

Tsade II while a relatively peaceful world has had sporadic rebellious sorts spring up over the course of its history, requiring that there be at least a semblance of a military structure to maintain order. They are named after the boundless fields where the majority of the population maintain their purpose.
The houses of nobility maintain their own guard but the concept of the Field Guard is a unified, separate entity that is loyal to the governing body of Tsade II. They are trained at the City of Tents for a year on military exercises. After completion of this basic training, they are cycled through active and reserve duty. The reservists are permitted to return home to continue their occupations.
Most regiments within the Field Guard are based around line infantry doctrines but there are a few mechanized components to take advantage of the open terrain on the planet. Chimeras and Tauros are the default vehicles utilized to serve this purpose.

Tsade II

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