Morenium is the capital of Tsade II, containing the most advanced and integral infrastructure for the planet’s function. Within the city are eight massive precincts organized according to their described purpose.

Mandred Square

The aptly named center of the enterprising city, contains not only the Ecclesiarchy’s massive Cathedral, the Emperor’s Embrace, headed by Cardinal Baedel Vink, but also the boundless family spire of House Mandred. A massive construction is currently undergoing at the behest of Lord Ludun Mandred, depicting his forebear, the Founding Father of his ancient line. Opposite to the Cathedral is the Administration Center of Justice, the legal headquarters of the planet. This is where the local Adeptes Arbites makes his station, the plight of Tsade II being overly minor in contrast to the insurrections in other planets within the Calixis Sector.

The Bounty is where the Tsadian nobility keep their opulent domiciles, even if their primary residence is located elsewhere on the planet’s surface. Various towers looming over the lower district are linked together by lengthy bridges with rail cars being used for transportation. Neighboring the tower is a boundless and vast forest. Tsadian tradition foregoing the concept of stone burial. Instead the strongest of trees are selected and planted with a noble’s body. This tradition known by a simple name, The Seeding.

Tarlis Complex is where the industrious factories are found, their existence hidden behind vast walls separate from the other precincts. Sprawling dormitories and habitats can be found here housing the primary bulk of the city’s laborers. Rumor has it that various gangs have taken residence here. The worst of them being the Mardin Prodek, the proprietor of the precinct’s largest pleasure house, the Hidden Glory.

The Cloud Docks contains the Naydis Spacesport, recently renovated and caught up to date by the generous donations by House Neveratte. It’s administration maintained by her trained off-worlders much to the chagrin of the older, more traditional houses on the planet. It’s linked up to the massive space hub in planetary orbit, Liana’s Gem, where most of the exports have been directed to as of late.

The Consortium is not only the name of the triumvirate of Great Lords of Tsade II but also the most significant administrative hub on the planet. It’s located further alongside Lake Pella, linked to the mainland by rail bridges where only the most important of citizens are permitted use. A gleaming glass framed tower shoots upward, surrounded by the Administration Centers of Agriculture, Taxes and Transport.

Cosano’s Shield is where the militant House of Cosano is located on the south western fringe of the city. Unlike the lavish and high rising facilities of his fellow nobles, his familial station is more Spartan in nature. This is where the Tsadian Planetary Defense Force is head quartered. Five thousand soldiers are garrisoned here at all times, only utilized in the city in times of the most dire consequence.

The People’s Way is the cultural and commercial precinct, located south of Mandred Square. Here is where the middle class of tradesmen and merchants live. Their shops often built below or above their homes. In the center is a massive tree, six hundred meters tall, known as The Founder. It’s said that the first families found shelter beneath the the massive tree. Annually there is the Founder Festival, where the locals dance and engage in merriment, celebrating their genesis.


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