52nd Tsadian Ironsides


Regiment Name: 2nd Tsadian Ironsides

Homeworld: Tsade II
World Type: Agri-World
Sector: Calixis Sector
Sub-Sector: Josian Reach

Commander: Colonel Rico Vastalez
Sub-CO: Major Josef Ascillou

Regiment Type: Line Infantry
Training Doctrine: Die Hards
Special Equipment Doctrine: Augmetics





The 52nd Tsadians In The Spinward Front

Tsade II is a lush agricultural world held together by a loose federation of noble houses that in turn are held in check by an Imperial appointed Imperial governor. Prior to the arrival of the Imperium, each noble house kept their own personal allotment of men to defend their territory and trade routes. Centuries of conflict have brought these agriculturally inclined Tsadians into a tradition of farming and warring. This storied pastime only quelled by the administrative control of the Imperium of Man, requiring these part time soldiers to focus entirely on their farming duties.

805.M41 is when the last vestiges of personal retinues were disbanded and reorganized by Imperial Governor Mandred into the Planetary Defense Force. This formation was in response to several rogue houses defying Imperial rule, though their plight was minimal enough to avoid primary eye of the overbearing Imperial Guard. Despite being purged of their previous loyalties to nobles, the men enlisted in the newly formed PDF still held their rivalries fiercely. It wasn’t beneath them to potentially arrive late to a battle or to accidentally order an artillery strike on friend and foe alike.

After the majority of the insurrection had been put to rest in 814.M41, many members of the PDF had hoped that their reserves would be allowed to go home. This being an assurance issued by the Governor that the tithe of food product being the only requirement they had to fill. This was negated by a decree of the Departmento Munitorum requiring the founding of several new regiments. Instead of massive regiments being required, they were divided into more miniscule divisions as to avoid infighting between the varied groups.

Prior to his conscription into the Insurrection Wars of 805.M41, Captain Vastalez was a quirky merchant who had slowly built up his trade fleet. His particular specialty was whaling and he would often walk around with a harpoon, an archaic device that wasn’t required with all the modern amenities of their industry. He had combat experience fighting off pirates and banditry that existed due to the precarious ups and downs of farming society. During the war, most of his fleet was sunk in various conflicts after being jerry rigged into makeshift frigates.

In this demanding restructuring, Captain Vastalez was given a promotion for commendable service during the Insurrection Wars fought years prior. He was made Colonel Vastalez of the 52nd Tsadian Ironsides, a regiment comprised of stout, hardy men from the various settlements across the planet. His second-in-command was an off-worlder, Josef Ascillou who was a proud member of the Scintillan Fusiliers. One hundred Scintillan Fusiliers were sent to oversee the creation of one hundred regiments on Tsade II.

Colonel Vastalez is known for his unorthodox approach to leadership, often permitting the men to drink as they please and fight when tensions get high. He’s not a fan of the Commissariat who he views as meddlesome. This has not endeared him to the administration but his existence is tolerated due to his firm bond with his fellow Tsadians.


Regiment Equipment:

Order Request 01 – Universal Standard Kit

  • One uniform
  • One set of poor weather gear
  • One autopistol and four magazines.
  • One knife
  • One flak vest
  • One rucksack
  • One set of basic tools
  • One mess kit and one water canteen
  • One blanket and one sleep bag
  • One rechargeable lamp pack: Sturdy and reliable, glow-globes illuminate many an Imperial paveway and cathedral. Most portable ones are roughly the size of a clenched fist and can shine strong, yellowish light a dozen or so meters in width, lasting roughly five hours before their power pack needs recharging or replacing.
  • One grooming kit
  • One set of cognomen tags
  • Munitorum Manual: A mandatory item that is required of all Guardsmen to have on them at all times. This item details information about weaponry, supplies, and kits that the Guard and the Imperium utilize. Written by the Departmento Munitorum, it is a key staple in all Guardsmen’s gear. If this item is lost or not on the person, there are severe consequences.
  • Combat sustenance rations, two weeks’ supply

Order Request 02 – Additional Standard Kit Items

  • Chrono: A watch.
  • Dress Uniform
  • Entrenching Tool
  • Magnoculars: These are powerful vision aids that magnify distant objects. More advanced, high quality magnoculars can also do such things as give range read-outs, detect heat sources, calculate target location positioning, and take pict-captures of a view for later analysis.
  • Micro Bead: A micro-bead or comm-bead is a short range communication device worn in the ear, good for communication out to about one kilometre (depending on weather conditions and intervening terrain). Each fits discretely in the ear, with higher Craftsmanship models nearly undetectable in casual inspection.
  • Upgrade Autogun to Good quality
  • Poor Quality Calixian Infantryman’s Portable Communications Transcription Device [PCTD]

Favored Weapon: Hotshot Lasgun
Favored Heavy Weapon: Heavy Stubber

52nd Tsadian Ironsides

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