Only War: The Tsadian Campaign

Diary of Custodian Gothicus Kuti


First day out of basic and into the field and I don’t recall much of it. One second I’m in the back of the Chimera, next think I can recall is diving behind a small fountain as the Emperor’s wrath flew about me.

We were being deployed in search of one Magistrate Belgor Mung. He’s come under the eye of the Adeptus Ministorum due to an odd collection of relics he seems to be massing. Brass thinks he might be heretical. At least, that’s what I was told in the back of the Chimera on the way to the chapel. I can’t say I’m too fond of the two extras we seemed to have picked up. I’ve never liked Tech Priests and Psykers. More loyal to the Emperor than anyone else in the Chimera but something about them unnerves me. I will be glad when we can be rid of them and us Custodians can get on dispensing the Emperor’s justice without the likes off them being in the way.

From what I’ve been told by Hallsing I was resisting the Litany of War to myself when we crashed into the Chapel and I proceed to “make my head more acquainted with the driver’s seat”. I don’t get the humour became my head is still throbbing from the impact.

World comes to, I don’t know how long has passed, and the rest of the team are out of the Chimera and all I can hear is shotgun fire and screaming. I remember Senior Custodian Ostlund Harvik yelling something about getting on the right flank and I hurled myself out of the Chimera and into the battle. Fragmentation grenade almost instantly goes off on the other side of my cover and destroys it. Again I have had to ask Hallsing what happened as my memory went fuzzy from the shock of the explosion. He tells me that I apparently got up unharmed, begun to close the distances firing my shotgun and bellowing the Oath of Vengance. Here is the bit I don’t believe though, he tell me I shrugged off a fragmentation grenade that went off not a foot away and preceded to close the final few meters and cut the man in two! If it is true then it would seem the Emperor is smiling upon me.

What I do remember from the battle though is the fire that was engulfing the chapel and the tech priest butchering two of our foes. I worry though, Harvik seems to be accusing me of disobeying orders and worst still I question the righteous of the mission a little. The man that I killed seemed to only be a guard, he had no signs of heresy and his expression was that of fear. I have been taught that heretics welcome death and often die with smiles on their faces. This man was anything but smiling. I am the Emperor’s weapon and he may use me how he wishes but I can not help but feel uneasy.

End Log

Operation Fiery Blasphemy
Leading Third Squad

Order Reference:41379-DARK5
To: Captain Warden Richolf Woltz
Author: Ostlund Harvik
Subject:Operation Fiery Blasphemy
Location: Tilor, Chapel
Sector: Calixis
Sub Sector: Josian Reach
Thought of the Day: A sore arm rings of battles ran true.

We hit them hard, the Chimera slammed though the door thoroughly, so much so Custodian Gothicus Kuti(whom was not buckled in based standard I would like to report) slammed his head against the drivers seat and was knocked to unconsciousness. We we reversed quickly and efficiently by our newly appointed driver, and the rear ramp slammed down hard. Choosing to lead by example I was the first off the ramp, firing immediately at the first hostile in my sight winging him past his cover. Our driver using the cover of our combat vehicle fired several shots wide at the same target. The remainder of the squad quickly filed out into cover attempting to overwhelm those guards loosely spread around the chapel. Our recently assigned Psyker(whom I was skeptical of, as I am with those warp touched) turned out to be an outstanding asset to our squad, blowing holes into two enemy guardsmen. Shortly after combat began, Custodian Gothicus Kuti regained consciousness, and I had order him to our right flank to defend our TechPriest. Shortly after the first enemy fell our operator, Caffran Nothacker used his Exterminator to blaze a cone of fire at cowering chapel guard. This was the unfortunate event that lead to the fire that consumed the building.

I would like it to be formerly known I take full responsibility for this event, and that I am willing to take all punishment deemed necessary to be dealt out. The squad continued to advance slowly and surely despite heavy Servitor fire directed at us. This was when a fragmentation grenade went off near Custodian Gothicus Kuti, whom at this point, in a fury charged disobeying the order to defend the TechPriest and slew the man responsible. Speaking of Juron Tacitus, I wish to extend my thanks, and earnest respects to the Adeptus Mechanicus for lending him to our use. Shrugging off several shotgun blasts, and a frag grenade he slew the two flanking guards single handedly. Continuing our advance further, the last organic had fallen and we were left with the servitors, by now the blaze that had started affected us all, eyes stung and noses burnt with the smell of wood preventing accurate shots, the servitors were unaffected. At this point Custodian Cerwent Hallsing, and myself charged to prevent catastrophic damage from these unfeeling machines. After a prolonged melee engagement, the two of us managed to disable the two servitors with our Great Weapons, quite mighty weapons in their own right.

At this point we had been ordered to continue west to attempt to arrest Mung….

Mission 1 - Fiery Blasphemy

To: Sir Oswin Hallsing
Author: Custodian Cerwent Hallsing
Subject: The embers of combat
Location: Mung Manor, Tilor
Sector: Calixis
Sub-sector: Josian Reach
Thought of the Day: The oldest weapons are the longest tested

Dear Father,

First mission back in the saddle was an interesting one. Upon aggressive breach of the chapel, my squad made quick work of those in charge of it’s defense. I think the final count was 6 guards and 2 mechanical abominations that seemed even more disgusting than that incandescent mess that was attached to my team for this mission. Still, he wasn’t the least agreeable member given the others used to swell our numbers. One mad bastard who coverts rage over duty, and another who doesn’t see the error in setting ablaze to a wooden structure.

Would’ve been a standard cleanup operation, providing the rookie hadn’t burned the damned place with ‘cleansing’ fire. Still, I do not blame him for resorting to his fail safe weapon. I could count my successful shots with this malsighted gun on my balls, if I were a Eunuch. Still, the sword proved useful. Sturdy steel and a fine swing is all it takes; whether now or a thousand years ago, I will trust this weapon above all others. The pain of my arms reminds me of it’s power and efficiency.

Techpriest Battlelog 1 - Fiery Blasphemy
Fire, hereteks, and fake gothic furniture

To: Captain-Warden Richolf Woltz
Author: Juron Tacitus, Resident Techpriest of Cleansing Hand Squad 3
Subject: Battlelog-1 of Operation Fiery Blasphemy
Location: Mung Manor, Tilor, Tsade II
Sector: Calixis Sector
Sub-sector: Josian Reach
Thought of the Day: Heretics feel like a warm knife through butter.

Squad 3 of the Cleansing Hand breached the mansion of Belgor Mung and were ordered to clear out the chapel building. Squad 3 decimated a squad of “heretic” guards with flame and blade. Squad 3 then proceeded to melt and maim a pair of heretek servitors in close quarters.

After the combat concluded Squad 3 began to search the inner working of the building and rescuing a chambermaid named “Mary” who handed over a key that would unlock a door further into the complex.

Battlelog End.


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