Sergeant Sturm Schreiner

An unremarkable man with a steely demeanor, enunciated by sharp cheekbones and only the faintest hint of stubble.


Sturm Schreiner is an unremarkable man with a steely demeanor, enunciated by sharp cheekbones and only the faintest hint of stubble. His skin comparable to a tanned leather strip wrought from years spent in the fields alongside the serfs under his ward. Beneath his cropped brown hair and thin brow are two almond shaped grey eyes accented with the crow’s feet of a man who spent his life beneath an unforgiving sun.


Sturm comes from a family of relative comfort, at least in comparison to the numberless quantity of harvesters in Pella’s Wish. His Father was a boisterous man who made his fortune under one of the landed nobles beneath House Cosano through conniving business opportunities.

This lasted until a trade deal had gone awry and their frugal holdings were taken away. However, the misgivings of his Father would not have been exposed had it not been for Sturm’s interloping. Disgusted with his Father’s penchant for engaging in illegal slave trade, he exposed his work to the public.

Instead of any semblance of forgiveness, Sturm was forced to work as an indentured servant for the local Land Count, Hamund.

Five years of his life were spent working tirelessly harvesting and maintaining machinery for the Land Count. This monotony continued until the three Great Houses of Tsade II began to muster up their own personal armies.

Chastener Leopold T’rahn of the Adeptes Arbites plucked him out from his forced contract with the Land Count. Not known for mingling in the affairs of local planetary laws and customs, this was an unknown intervention by the judicious wing of the Imperium.

Forfeit of his familial holdings, Sturm had volunteered for the officer training program. His prerequisite met by his management experience. In addition to the good word of the Chastener, a man he had never met before.

After a year’s tenure in the unofficially termed training site, City of Tents, he had been selected as a non-commissioned officer with the rank of Sergeant. His current designation currently unknown and he spends his time working on mechanical threshers for the outlying farming villages.

Sergeant Sturm Schreiner

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