Trooper Marcellus Magni

Trooper, Heavy Gunner, HQ Section, 2nd Platoon, 3rd Company, 2nd Tsadian Ironsides


WOUNDS (17) WS (27) BS (32) S (42) T (41)
AG (29) INT (26) PER (29) WP (40) FEL (30)

Demeanour: Death Wish
Armor: H (4) RA (4) LA (4) B (4) RL (4) LL (4)
Toughness: 4

Weapons :
Common Heavy Stubber
Frag Grenades (2)
Krak Grenades (2)

Furion McChain: Short, skinny and young Optimist, Loader. (Alive)

One With The Land
Blind To The Horror
Resistance (Fear)
Rapid Reload
Iron Jaw
Weapons Training (Las, Solid Projectile, Low-Tech, Bolt)

Spent: 0
Available: 600


Stern, short tempered, intimidating and violent. If you asked anyone in 2nd Platoon (3rd Co.) how they would sum up Marcellus these are often the go to words for them. Though these words are nothing close to being compliments no Guardsman in the 3rd Company would dare question Marcellus’ abilities as a solider.

Originally born on the Hiveworld world of Fenksworld, Marcellus had a hard upbringing. By the time he was old enough to properly walk and talk he was put to work assisting his father, Corus Magnini, in Volg Hive hunting Pit Things. As he grew older this viciously dangerous, but highly lucrative, business meant that Marcellus was able to just keep his head above the water and lived in slight comfort compared to many living Volg Hive. This was Marcellus’ life for many years. Hunting Pit Things and selling them to the many arenas of Volg Hive.

Fate however was not on Marcellus’ side. He grew arrogant and greedy in his affairs and begun to take risks. Every risk that payed off only emboldened him and his father…it would cost them dearly. Marellus’ father payed with his life, shot dead during a Pit Thing hunt by a rival hunter whom he’d risked teaming up with. Marcellus payed with his freedom. Taken by the rival hunter he was sent to Hive Magnagorsk where he was sold the the cutthroat foundry guilds. For little under seven years Marcellus lived under the bondage of slavery in the foundries of Magnagorsk, being sold like an animal along with many other slaves in a back and forth trade between the different foundries. It was in the foundries that the new Marcellus was forged into being and in his eight year of servitude, he escaped.

Nobody truly knows how Marcellus managed to escape. The guilds were known to keep a firm record of its workers and hated loosing any without reason. All that is known is that Marcellus manged to somehow slip away, get his hands on a Las pistol and in the most miraculous turn of events, get off world. Marcellus fled to Tsadian II in a bid to start a new life but arrived at the very wrong time. He was caught up in the conscriptions of the Insurrection Wars in 805.M41. From there he soon found himself fighting for his life on a daily basis along side men he did not know, on a world that was not his own, in a war he did not understand.

The skills he has gained from Volg Hive did not go unnoticed. Guardsman Magni was soon pushed up through the ranks to Sergeant and then demoted again for striking a fellow Sergeant. He was later promoted to Sergeant again and as before was soon demoted for pissing on a Company Chimera belonging to the Scintillan Fusiliers. He eventually found himself placed in the 2nd, 3rd Company, 2nd Platoon HQ as the heavy gunner and has done much to solidify his reputation as a formidable soldier and a man who you did not want to cross.

Trooper Marcellus Magni

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