Corporal Kayne Roswent

Rugged volunteer from a Tsadian farming colony


A tall man with gaunt features, Kayne’s appearance comfortably matches his bleak, no-nonsense attitude and his deadpan style of humour.
Of the Tithe of flesh taken from his home Colony, Kayne was the only man who answered as a volunteer rather than be conscripted. The Mandred house ruled over the Hallsing farming colony and thus demanded service from able men as duty to Hearth and House. Orenn Roswent, whilst not initially so eager, did support his son’s choice to serve in his place as Orenn was getting old, and no man knew better how to organise the farming of the western plot on which their family resided. He would be accompanied by his friend Normus Welrant, the son of a neighbouring family on their plot, and a long time friend to the Roswents.

During this time in the City of Tents, Kayne received exceptional training as a weapons specialist that would make him and his comrade Normus into able pointmen. Kayne would quickly rise to Corporal due to his competency under fire, and his status as a volunteer being known to the Quartermaster. Kayne was well onto the road of being a TFG trooper and doing his duty to the Mandred family, but this service would not be as simple as expected.

Kayne began his service in the Tsadian Field Guard within a unit of well matched and capable militiamen. However, within 3 months this roll of service would be subverted with a new duty. Kayne and his comrades were re-organised and enrolled into the newly formed Tsadian 2nd Ironsides, who would report directly to the Imperium of Man; the highest authority planetwide. With only Normus as a familiar face, Kayne would have to get used his new comrades, and prepare for a tour of duty which would entail horrors entirely new to the people of Tsade 2

Corporal Kayne Roswent

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