Sergeant Judas Ingran

Imperial Guard Sergeant



WOUNDS (14) WS (38) BS (29) S (36) T (46)
AG (33) INT (24) PER (27) WP (29) FEL (42)

Armor: H (4) RA (4) LA (6) B (6) RL (4+2) LL (4)
Toughness: 4


  • Laspistol
  • Chainsword
  • Shield
  • Autogun
  • Knife
  • Frag Grenades
  • Krak Grenades


Wigant Konrad

  • Snap Out Of It


  • One With The Land
  • Blind To The Horror
  • Resistance (Fear)
  • Iron Discipline
  • Weapon Specialization (Chain, Las, Low-Tech)
  • Rapid Reload


Spent: 600
Available: 0


Second son of the patriarch of House Ingran, Judas grew to be rebellious and uncomfortable with the noble lifestyle. His father, Galerius Ingran IV, would never be very proud of his son, and grew increasingly displeased with the boy’s unruly behavior. Following decades of simple acts of disobedience and undignified behavior, Judas simply left his house and his city in the night.

There he had hoped to find a more fulfilling life, free of the yoke of austerity and bureaucracy. What he found disheartened him. While all but unaware during his life as a noble, it was clear to see the insidious hand of governmental oppression in even the most remote reaches of the planet. It ought to have been obvious, he realized, that had been holding naive fancy, for this was simply life in the Imperium of Man. Bitterly, he resolved to strike against it.

A nearly unknown gang sprung to minor prominence in the hills far outside of Morenium in only a few short years, Judas at their head. The Stampede, they called themselves. Raising most of their number from the disgruntled poor and dissident – or thrill-seeking – nobles, they struck against interests of the Imperium on the planet. Adopting a local legend, Judas thought of himself as the Brass Bull, a man who had bucked the yoke.

Unfortunately, his noble upbringing had rubbed off on him. His idealistic attitude quickly soured into self-righteous zeal and bloody vindication. The Stampede terrorized the countryside, lashing out with bloody indiscrimination, no better than bandits. Their actions eventually proved too disruptive to allow any further, and forces from Mandred’s newly-minted Planetary Defense Force were deployed to eliminate the problem.

With the majority of his fellow Stampede cut down, Judas was captured. His father, Galerius, begrudgingly intervened and narrowly saved him from the gaze of the Inquisition and execution. In return, Galerius punished his son for his nigh-heretical behavior and disgrace of the house name by forcing him into the Guard. Despite his transgressions, he was the son of a noble and thus granted some amount of preference. As such, he was placed as the officer of an under-performing squad, a position he resents thoroughly.

Sergeant Judas Ingran

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