Corporal Draxton Maddox

52nd Tsadian Ironsides Medic


WOUNDS (13) WS (29) BS (34) S (33) T (36)
AG (33) INT (43) PER (32) WP (32) FEL (33)

Weapon Training (Solid Projectile, Lowtech)
One with the Land
Blind to the Horror
Rapid Reload
Swift Suture


Draxton was a simple carpenter working in the same village his grandfather, his father, and himself was born. Never having wandered to far from his birthplace most of the outside world, and the stars remained unknown to him. Until fate decreed that he was to be drafted along with twenty others from his village into the Planetary Defense Force.

Draxton was quickly rushed through basic training, and then pressed into basic medical training. Despite being largely ignorant of the world outside his village he quickly managed to absorb all of the information he could during his free hours. Learning how to properly treat those wounded on the battlefield as well as creating advance chemical substances from beasts and plant life. With his training complete Maddox found himself involved in the short campaign to subdue the fringe bandit group known as The Stampede . Having no involvement in the several short lived battles against the group Draxton had plenty of medical experience field dressing and tending to the surviving members of the PDF after the brief skirmishes. Shortly after the final battle trooper Maddox had found himself tending to one of the last surviving members of The Stampede, the man had lost his right leg during the conflict and was successfully sutured by the rapidly acting medic, whom was then quickly carted off for questioning.

Several months later Draxton was passed through several squads, not yet having been attached permanently to any command due to a lack of medical personal until one day he had finally gotten his permanent placement orders. To his surprise, the man he had saved after the final battle with The Stampede, Judas Ingran, the bandit was his new acting squad leader. His time with the PDF had changed him, and he was unphased morally about taking orders from a former murderer, who better to lead against brutality than brutal men?

Corporal Draxton Maddox

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