Custodian Cerwent Hallsing

Custodian of The Cleansing Hand


WS (38)
BS (42)
S (30)
T (41)
AG (32)
INT (32)
PER (31)
WP (41)
FEL (30)

-Awareness (PER)
-Common Lore (INT): Ecclesiarchy, Imperial Creed
-Dodge (AG)
-Intimidate (S)
-Linguistics (INT): -Low Gothic
-Operate (surface) (AG)
-Parry (WS)
-Scholastic Lore (INT): Tactica Imperialis, Beasts
-Stealth (AG)

Traits and Talents:
*Quick Draw
-Changing weapons is a free action
*Take Down
-Make special attack to stun opponent
*Weapons Training: Solid Projectile/Low-Tech

-Character is always alert for danger
*Lightning Reflexes
-Roll twice and take highest roll for initiative
*Unshakeable Faith
-May re-roll failed fear tests
*One With The Land:
+10 Beast Handling and Farming
*Blind To The Horror:
-10 to Scrutiny versus Deceive


*Great Weapon [CQ] 7kg
Class: Melee
Damace: 2D10
Type: Rending
Pen: 0
Range: -
ROF: //-
Clip: -
RLD: -
Special Rules: Unbalanced, Ogryn-proof

*Combat Shotgun 6.5kg:
Class: Basic
Damage: 1D10+4
Type: Impact
Pen: 0
Range: 30M
ROF: S/3/-
Clip: 18
RLD: Full
Special Rules: Scatter

-Head: 6
-Body: 6
-Left Arm: 6
-Right Arm: 6
-Left Leg: 6
-Right Leg: 6

-Stormtrooper Carapace Armour
-4 Frag Grenades
-3 Krak Grenades
-4 Weeks Combat Rations

-Ballistic Skill
-Field Craft

Wounds: 17

Fate Points: 1


Cerwent was the 5th born son of the Hallsing Estate, and thus was of minor importance at best to his family line. Almost all Noble families were to give a son of few years over to The Cleansing Hand to be molded into their military wing. This was to be Cerwent’s fate, and after a lifetime of training he was to become a Custodian, the iron fist of The Cleansing Hand

Custodian Cerwent Hallsing

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