Specialist Brin Ebbesen

52nd Ironsides Resident Ratling and procurer of unique items



Demeanour: Thief
WOUNDS (9) WS (30) BS (45) S (34) T (18)
AG (30) INT (30) PER (55) WP (25) FEL (46)

Armor: H (0)(no pussy ass head protection for this cunt) RA (4) LA (4) B (4) RL (4) LL (4)
Toughness: 1

Betsy the Good Craftsmanship Sniper Rifle with telescopic sight
Auto Pistol ( 4 Mags)
Krak Grenades (2)
Frag Grenades (2)

Ferus Meryn

Deadeye Shot
Heightened Senses (sight)
Size (weedy)
One With The Land
Blind To The Horror
Resistance (Fear)
Iron Discipline
Weapon Specialization Las, Solid)
Rapid Reload

Spent: 300
Available: 0


Born on the ratling world of Cyprian’s Gate, Brin spent much of his youth hunting in the vast woodlands of the pleasure world. Often acting as a guide for the many nobles who visited the planet, a great deal of the time these nobles would find that valuables mysteriously disappeared.

Once he was old enough Brin was conscripted into the imperial guard where his keen senses and skill with a rifle could be of use against the enemies of the imperium. It was here Brin met his current spotter Ferus and the two quickly became thick as thieves when they discovered their mutual love for food and free stuff. Once they finished their training the pair were attached to a normal battalion to act as specialized scouts and sharpshooters.

The two were assigned to the 52nd Tsade ‘Ironsides’ after being caught by their previous battalion commander stealing his personal amasec collection. Since joining the unit they have accrued a reputation for both their cooking ability and their less than legal abilities to get a hold of certain contraband for a price.

Specialist Brin Ebbesen

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