Trooper Barclay de Tolly

52nd Tsadian Ironsides Operator


Weapon Skill: 33
Ballistic Skill: 30
Strength: 35
Toughness: 31
Agility: 34
Intelligence: 34
Perception: 43
Willpower: 33
Fellowship: 30


Third in line to a minor noble house, Barclay knew his life wouldn’t involve much into politics or anything of that sort. When Barclay became of age he joined the PDF of Tsade II and found he had a natural inclination to all things warfare. Barclay likes to feign obliviousness and pretend like he didn’t notice bullets flying his way or the fact there is an ork rampaging in his direction. His chosen specialty is to be an engineer as his skills shine when he is working on something mechanical or technological and isn’t too shabby when behind the wheel.

Trooper Barclay de Tolly

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