Trooper Clovis Galideau

An average sized, stocky man with light facial hair and three missing teeth.


Growing up in the merchantile house of Galideau, you would find only poverty, despair, familicide, and thievery. Clovis likes to read about when they were a successful and wealthy family, he dreams up ways they could return to such a state and be respected rather than spit upon in name. They first began near The Founder tree ages ago, claiming land just beyond the shade of the leaves. They sold jewelry in the day and information in the night, until a massive revolt in Morenium by Diago The Plotter led to the deaths of much of the house due to the Galideau’s opposition to Diago. They don’t have anything left save the highly valuable land near The People’s Way and are currently hanging on by a thread by selling ancient “relics” to unwitting travelers. A practice started by Clovis’ father Judoc that has hurt the reputation of his house even further.

In the past two years things have only gotten worse. Clovis has been attacked by a local thug named Pons and his gang of oversized thugs multiple times. Pons destroyed his stock, merchant cart, and took three teeth while he was at it. He also attacked Clovis’ brother and even went as far as to kill his uncle Theo after Theo struck him hard over the head. Shortly thereafter a representative of house Neveratte approached Clovis’ infirm father Judoc about selling their ancestral home on the outskirts of The People’s Way. Clovis pleaded with his father not to sell but Judoc, seeing the sad mess of a life around him, and the obvious connection between the attacks from the thugs and the offer before them, decided to sell in order for his family to start anew as farmers. Clovis refused this life, opting to instead join the military. He sends his pay home so his family can hire farmhands and live relatively comfortably, but he has no plans of living at that place when he returns. He will either buy his ancestral home or take it.

Trooper Clovis Galideau

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